webwise with Websitebron!

Your site is ready and "live", then how to continue?

For some, the regular maintenace will be sufficient.
Others wish to write extra articles, add those to menus and thus expand the site. Or to add news.

Obviously you could ask Websitebron to do that for you.
But you could also do it yourself or authorize others to write or edit articles.
While you stay in control and decide whether or not of the edits by others will be published.
Joomla! CMS is fully equipped for that, with it's log-in and authorization system, which is used to set the rights of each user (group) in great detail.

Are you interested to know how it works? Websitebron can teach you!
Just a little preview of what the "back-end" looks like:

A very concise manual to modify your Joomla! site can be found here.