webwise with Websitebron!

What does the procedure look like?

Our method to set up a new website includes the following steps:

  1. Together, we define content and size of the site, illustrations etc.
  2. We look at extra functionality like blogs, downloadable documents, calendars
  3. We make you an offer and agree on a price
  4. We pick and register a domain name
  5. We install the site on our own server first.
    Thus we prevent that the whole world can witness the development of the new site!
    When we are ready, we send you a link for the pre-view
  6. During local or tele live sessions we can show you alternatives, make modifications etc.
  7. Thereafter we install the site on the server of the hosting company, set e-mail options etc.
  8. We register the site with search engines like Google, so you will be found
  9. We transfer all log-in codes and data, which gives you full ownership of the site

And we provide aftercare!

No unexpected surprises, we do what we agreed, at that price, also if it takes a bit more effort than expected.