webwise with Websitebron!

A webshop does not come easily.
The basics seem (and are) simple.

But then you have to deal with product images and descriptions, prices, discounts, VAT, stock management, payments ...
And you must comply with legislation, both in terms of tax and privacy. Not to mention a multilingual shop.

Websitebron has extensive experience in building webshops, knows the pitfalls and the do and dont's.

Take advantage of this and get a nice, solid shop with is easily found!
Whether you sell physical goods, or downloads such as books or photos, it does not matter.

Also take advantage of the integration with the website and direct marketing opportunities.
If the website and shop are a single entity, it is possible to do much more in terms of customer relations.
For example, select through the shop a customer group that has, or has not (no longer), or has never bought all, a certain product .
And then send a targeted mail to that group. From the site, so without the need of third parties like MailChimp.
Or send a special offer for a customer's birthday, congratulations, Christmas wishes ... the possibilities are endless.
And within the European GDPR legislation.