webwise with Websitebron!

The template determines the appearance of your site. Shapes, colors, backgrounds, fonts, menus, the layout of the pages, it's all in the template. As well as how the site responds when it is displayed on a small screen (smartphone);  adapted ("responsive web design") or not.
Although there are many free and paid templates for Joomla! available, Websitebron prefers to design the template ourselves.

Websitebron therefore works based on your ideas. From austere, clean with minimal formatting to exuberant, from “high-tech” to “natural”, from serene to “everything moves”!
With your own colors, logos, illustrations, branding, etc. This gives total freedom; we create your site precisely as you want it to be.

If desired, we can also design new templates only for an existing Joomla! website.