webwise with Websitebron!

Search engines such as Google scan the internet and will find your site over time.
They read the pages and insert the found search terms and summaries in their index.
This way your site will be found by others.

However, it is better to register the site yourself, with Google and Bing. Websitebron does this for you by default.
Naturally, Websitebron provides search engine optimization, or SEO, by means of search engine friendly (SEF) URLs. We also add a table of contents (sitemap) which is generated in real time with each visit of the search engine. This way you are always up to date.

The rest of the SEO process is more manual with a certain degree of black magic.
You can leave everything to Google, but it is better to set the search terms that you want to be found on yourself.
This can be done by managing page titles and headings and summaries yourself, and by including the relevant terms in the "meta data" of your pages.

Although your site will be in the index after some time, that does not mean that you will also be at the top of the search results. The ranking depends on the "Pagerank", a kind of rating of your page, which is partly determined by how many others link to your page. And on their Pagerank. Google sees that as relevant.
So it pays to get as many links to your site as possible.
You can do something about this yourself via social media where you can post news with links to your site.
Be careful buying links and other tricks. It is wiill be discovered and will certainly work against you!

Another factor is the quality of your website content. Content is King! That also increases the ranking. So it pays to post good articles that are not too short and not to copy content from others (e.g. Wikipedia).

Be aware that it may take a while before Google has completely refreshed the index.