webwise with Websitebron!

Websitebron usually creates websites based on a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS provides a strict separation between technology, layout and content ("Content").

The technology (menus, links, etc.) is controlled by the CMS.
The "content" is stored as articles in a database which is easily searchable. Just type something in the "Search" field to test.
The format is in a "template". The advantages are that all pages are displayed uniformly formatted and the author of content does not have to worry about the formatting. And the pages do not all have to be modified if the site should have a different look.

Which does not mean that all pages must have an identical appearance. It is also possible to work with multiple templates, or variants of a template.

As a CMS we use Joomla! (with exclamation mark). This is a (free) open source package. Worldwide, nearly 20 million sites use Joomla!
Joomla! is highly flexible and scalable. Almost anything can be added such as a blog, an online store, forms, a discussion forum, file sharing, photo books, etc.

Websitebron (Eric de Waal) is a Certified Joomla! Administrator, so your website is in good hands!

Authorised users can easily, using an online editor, add or edit content themselves and publish pages, create menu items, etc.

Tools are included for a complete backup of the site, which may also be used to move the site to another server.