webwise with Websitebron!

May I introduce myself: my name is Eric de Waal.

Although I have completed a technical study (chemical technology), commerce seemed more attractive than engineering right from the beginning.
So I worked for many years in marketing and sales with a large distributor of chemical products. A very international job, involving contacts with all major chemical producers. In the role of product manager, account manager, and later division manager and member of the management team.

And yet technology still played an important role, not just chemical technology but also as a hobby.
For example, the computer. My first computer programs in Algol (at the university) quickly evolved into Basic and Assembler on the Commodore 64, followed by Visual Basic, MS Access, Linux servers and later websites (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MYSQL, Joomla!).

And in between some other technical stuff such as an amateur radio license.
Photography, which obviously quickly became digital photography, a professional SLR came along with Photoshop as the next trick to be mastered.

My personal WWW: Walking (hiking in the mountains), Winter sport, Wine, Whisky.

In 2011 I created ​​my first commercial website and mid 2013 it was decided to focus on this completely and to say farewell to the world of chemical commerce.

I think my qualities as an experienced commercial technician will pay off here.
Consultation with customers, offering them a professional service based on sound technology.
And: I am a Certified Joomla! Administrator, one of the less than 50 in the Netherlands, so your website is in good hands!